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Elder Eric San Diego
Apartado Postal 118-184
Gustavo A. Madero
Mexico, D.F. C.P 07051

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You write this exactly, including Elder Jose Luis Escobar Maya (They don't like more than one name coming to the same PO Box when dealing with packages).

Elder Jose Luis Escobar Maya
Apartado Postal 118-184
Gustavo A. Madero
Mexico, D.F. C.P 07051

To make sure Elder San Diego gets the package just make sure his last name is in the return address (or next to the return address).

August 27, 2011

Come, Follow Me!


Lots to tell this week! 

Friday was good. We had lots of opportunities to practice our teaching and also had a fantastic substitute that day! His name was Hermano Painter and he was very funny but also very spiritual.

Saturday was the last day teaching for one of my teachers, Hermana Bauserman. She teaches 4th grade in Salt Lake City so no more MTC for her. She was a really great teacher and we are going to miss her a bunch. However, she said she will come down on Saturdays to act the part of an investigator for us, so that will be cool. But! Main story of the day for Saturday was Elder Ridd's and my appointment with our investigator Juan. Elder Ridd and I went over to Juan's and taught him about the Restoration of the Church, Joseph Smith as a prophet of God, and the truthfulness and divinity of the Book of Mormon. To this point, Juan had heard good things about the church and had read up to Alma and believed it was all true. After we taught him more about Joseph Smith, we asked if he believed he was indeed a prophet of God. He responded that he believed it all to be true and that Joseph Smith did translate the marvelous record known as the Book of Mormon. As Elder Ridd and I kept bearing testimony throughout the whole lesson, I could feel the Spirit growing stronger and stronger. It soon became overwhelming in the room as we testified of all truth. I had the most distinct and strongest impression from the Spirit to invite Juan to be baptized. Neither Elder Ridd nor I had planned for this but I felt the impression and acted on it. I shared with Juan, 2 Nephi 31:5-10 and expressed to him my belief of Christ and his perfect example. I asked him how he felt about the verse and I could feel the Spirit that was testifying to his heart. I invited him to follow Christ's example and be baptized, and to Elder Ridd's and my great pleasure, he accepted our invitation! It is something wonderful to feel the Spirit of the Lord working through your words to bring His children the truth of all things. It was such a blessing to see that miracle and feel the converting power of the Spirit. I can testify to you that this Church is the true church. The Spirit converts people to come unto Christ and learn more about the blessings in store for them. I know that as you bear often testimony of the truths that we have, you will be blessed to see the hand of the Lord working through you. Bear testimony often, even when you don't need it! It is such a marvelous thing to be a witness of what you know is true and the Spirit will be right with you to back you up and testify to people's hearts of what you are saying.

Sunday! We had an amazing fireside given by Stephen B. Allen, a director of something here at the MTC. Here are a few notes I took from him:
  1. Study fervently and often the words of Christ and the doctrines of the gospel.  
  2. To build a Zion environment in your home, you must build it on principles of faith and obedience
  3. Remember who you are at all times and who you represent. 
  4. Never do things that would dishonor yourself and those you represent, especially God and Jesus Christ. 
  5. Always strive to keep the Spirit with you and seek humble guidance and revelation through prayer.
Great blessings are in store as you follow these things!

Monday, I can't say I remember too much and I forgot to journal that day. Oops! It was a good day to be sure though.

Tuesday! Elder Ridd had broken his wrist before the MTC and had to go to the doctor today so it was cool seeing the outside world again! We had yet another amazing devotional and district meeting in the evening.

Wednesday was good and I received another companion from my district today! His name is Elder Dennis and his visa got delayed so he will be staying in my companionship until it clears and he can go down to the MTC in Peru.

Today was great! Temple and Preparation day stuff! I left to the outside world again because Elder Dennis had a doctor appointment.

Sorry for being brief but time is up and I have to go!

Love you all!
Tenga fe y sea obediente!

Todo mi amor,
Elder San Diego

The Trio! - Elder Ridd, Elder Dennis & Elder San Diego
Enjoying the Temple grounds on P-day.
Our Teacher - Hermana Bauserman (#1 of 14)
A Big "Thumbs Up" with Elder Kipp

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