Elder San Diego's Address

Explanation on Sending Packages and Letters

If you would like to send a letter:
Elder Eric San Diego
Apartado Postal 118-184
Gustavo A. Madero
Mexico, D.F. C.P 07051

If you want to send a package:

You write this exactly, including Elder Jose Luis Escobar Maya (They don't like more than one name coming to the same PO Box when dealing with packages).

Elder Jose Luis Escobar Maya
Apartado Postal 118-184
Gustavo A. Madero
Mexico, D.F. C.P 07051

To make sure Elder San Diego gets the package just make sure his last name is in the return address (or next to the return address).

December 24, 2012

Feliz Navidad Everyone!!

Dear folks,

We had an okay week. We found the little girl named Vania who we are preparing for baptism and she is still excited about it. (If I have never mentioned her before, she is the daughter of an inactive member lady we found) The only thing is that she couldn't go to church this week again. The good thing is that her mom doesn't work for the next few weeks and wants to start going back to church! So we should be able to find her more frequently and prepare her for baptism. Yay! This week we had two families we had found tell us that they don't want to or can't listen any more. It was disappointing for the both of us but we kept working to find more whom we can teach. But we have good hopes and faith for this week. We had a guy contact us yesterday in the street and tell us he wants to learn more and be closer to God and Christ. That was a tender mercy from the Lord and we will meet with him tomorrow and see how it goes! It should be good and we are praying for the best!

In good news, the world didn't end! Whoopie! That just means we still have time to save people! But we had a good week. Lately, we have been helping a kid in our ward with his english and as I have taught english over the course of my mission, I remember the words of my past english teachers telling us one day we would have to teach somebody english and me thinking 'yeah, right'. Just goes to show that all those who are older than you will always be right. Anyway, tomorrow is Christmas! Yay! My prayer is that we may always have the spirit of Christmas to be with us throughout all the year, and not just in the moments in which we unite as a family to celebrate the holidays. Let us always remember him. In good and in bad, let us give thanks to the redeemer of our souls, Jesus Christ, the very Son of God. May our hearts always be full of cheer, love, joy, and giving. As we focus and center our lives on Christ, we can enjoy the peace he has to offer us in life. We are never alone. We are never forgotten. Let us never forget Him. And may we always enjoy the feeling of Christmas all year round. In the name of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen.

See you tomorrow family! Love you all!

¡Ten fe y se obediente!

Todo mi amor,
Elder San Diego

Hey! The world didn't end!

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