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If you would like to send a letter:
Elder Eric San Diego
Apartado Postal 118-184
Gustavo A. Madero
Mexico, D.F. C.P 07051

If you want to send a package:

You write this exactly, including Elder Jose Luis Escobar Maya (They don't like more than one name coming to the same PO Box when dealing with packages).

Elder Jose Luis Escobar Maya
Apartado Postal 118-184
Gustavo A. Madero
Mexico, D.F. C.P 07051

To make sure Elder San Diego gets the package just make sure his last name is in the return address (or next to the return address).

July 16, 2012

'This Is What I've Been Searching For For A Long Time."

Hey hey!

These past two weeks have been SWEET! We have been working so hard and have gotten some amazing success from it. Here are just a few of our highlights.

 First, we met this one guy named Jose. The guy was cool and wanted to listen and learn more about God. As we taught him about the Restoration, he began to comprehend that priesthood authority is absolutely necessary for us to receive the saving ordinance of  baptism. But the goodness doesn´t stop there! We gave him just a few pages of the Book of Mormon to read as homework and he read what we gave him then went on to read 40 pages more and then began from the beginning and read all the way to 2 Nephi 2. WOW. Amazing and unlike anything I have ever seen in my mission. Then he went to church with us and loved it and said he could feel peace and the spirit there, something that was never present in his Christian church. It was testimony meeting so he went away impacted by all the testimonies that were shared. To that point he was still a little unsure about Joseph Smith being a prophet and all that but as we talked with him I shared my testimony about Joseph Smith, that he truly was and is the Prophet of the Restoration and that he defended the cause of God to the end of his life sealing his testimony with his own blood. When I finished, the spirit was super strong and Jose thought intently on the words I had spoken. He looked at us and said he knew Joseph Smith was a prophet and martyr for Jesus Christ. We invited him to be baptized and he accepted. We had totally cool experiences every time we went by. Unfortunately, he was given some Christian apostasy junk that he read and he decided not to be baptized but that´s just his own salvation he´s denying and will have to work that out some day. Moving on with the positive!

So, we just did a ton of knocking and contacting these two weeks and just flat out did work up in this piece. We baptized one lady, Maria, on Saturday and confirmed her on Sunday. She and her husband were really in need of help in their life when we showed up and started to share the gospel with them. Just what they needed in their lives right now. So, she got baptized and her husband, Carlos, is coming around little by little. We have one lady, Myrah, who will be baptized tomorrow! She is the mother of two previous converts of Elder Andrew but was working for IFE which is the people here in Mexico who do the elections, so she finally got done working and can be baptized! Then we found this one young lady the other day while knocking. Her name is Sandra. We shared with her the message of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and she loved it. The spirit was amazingly strong and she accepted to be baptized for this upcoming Sunday. She was totally prepared by God to receive us and ever told us, 'This is what I´ve been searching for for a long time." AMAZING! (cool thing too is that when we found her, it was her first day living in that house and she had just moved there. also, we taught her in her doorway through a metal security door because she couldn´t find the key to open it up) We also had a mission conference this last week and it went well. President Tervort told us about diligence and that 'where much is given, much is required'. So yeah, great stuff all in all.

This week, we possibly could baptize 12 people, but it would take a miracle. Please please please pray for us and for miracles to happen for these people this week!

Take care and I love you all!

¡Ten fe y se obediente!

Todo mi amor,
Elder San Diego

Mt. Chiquihuite - in the center of the mission.
"Rain will not dampen our spirits!"
Ready for the rain!
(Downtown Mexico City in the distance - a couple miles south)

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